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V1.0, Last Updated: 21/07/2016

2. The Playbooks

Reefmonger: Madness?
This is intended to reference the Lovecraftian madness of
fiction, rather than replicate anything to do with mental
health issues in the real world.
4. The Setting
The Races are Monstrous?
I love unique and strange races, sorry! If you’re not
looking to play one of these creatures, they work very well
as NPCs/ antagonists.
6. The Beastiary
Beastiary [sic] is spelled wrong
Yep, I know it’s wrong! This spelling is deliberate, as it’s
how I’ve always pictured the word, and now that I’ve
finally written something I get to spell it as I like.
Octopus Picture?
Don’t worry, it’s not obscuring any content. Everything
underneath is duplicated elsewhere in the chapter.
10. Additional Content
The 2 playbooks only have Dungeon World core moves?
Correct. The full DW/ Fate playbooks will be released
via a later update. These playbooks were not finished
before most of the playtesting, and so have not had as
much testing of the other playbooks.
The Serpentine Class is full of cool snake facts?
Yeah! Owen put those in and I loved them so much they
just had to stay.
Do I need Grim World/ Inverse World to play the adventures?
Nope! The adventures are written to enhance games
using their mechanisms, but are not dependent on them.
That said, they’re both great: get them anyway!
Where is Luncheon World?
Still in playtesting, sorry. This concept has proven really
very difficult to get to the standards I’d like. It will be
released to all backers via a later update